Advanced Strategy for Razz Poker Games

Razz poker is a variant of 7 stud poker. Each player, to win the hand, has to create the lowest scoring hand that they can from the 7 cards that are dealt. In Razz, aces are counted as low so score only 1 point and not 11 or 1 as in traditional poker. The lowest score in Razz is created by the player holding Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5. This is called either “the wheel” or “the bike” dependent upon which casino a players is playing at.

There are 4 types of player that can be found at a Razz table. It is very important to understand the mindset of your opponents.

Tight aggressive

These players are not reckless and will not hesitate to fold when dealt a poor hand. They are content to wait for a great hand to be dealt. If you are playing against this type of player it is best, when you are dealt a weak hand to fold and walk away.

Tight passive

A tight passive player is more difficult to recognize than an aggressive player. They will play slowly and deliberately trying to encourage the other players to enlarge the pot. They will become very quiet and focused when they have been dealt a strong hand. 

Loose aggressive

Loose aggressive players tend to stop at calling, if their hand is not very strong but, if dealt a strong hand will start raising and re-raising. The advanced Razz player will recognize a loose aggressive player and will use the tight strategy to increase the pot.

Loose passive

These players are very difficult to predict because of the very nature of their unpredictability. The only way to combat this is to play your game as tightly as possible. The problem with these players is that you do not understand how to correctly read their hand.

It is essential that advanced players understand their opponents’ method of play. You must read each player individually and assess your strategies to counter you opponents. When you understand the 4 categories of players, you can tailor your game to confuse the other players playing at You can mix all the strategies of play above to unsettle your opponents. To confuse your opponents, it will be necessary for you to mix the style of play that you adopt thus making them uncertain of your style of play.

It can be a very frustrating game for advanced players when they have inexperienced players at the table because they cannot forecast what these players will do.