Slots Myths Busted

Anything that attracts a lot of people is bound to raise some myths and playing slot machine games is one of the things that have raised several myths. A myth is a popular belief that has grown around a specific subject. In order to play this game with a clear mind you will need to familiarize with these myths.

Myth #1

One of these myths is that a slot machine that has stayed for long without winning is more likely to win than that which has just won. This is not true given that all slot machines have random number generators which have no specific way of choosing number thereby making any machine capable of winning.

Myth #2

The other myth is that if you play one coin at a time you will have a good chance of winning the jackpot. This is another myth that players should ignore because the opposite which is playing maximum coins will increase the payout rate percentage ultimately.

Myth #3

Slot machines have cycles which can be broken after playing several times. This is also another myth that should be ignored given the fact that the numbers that come up in these slot machines are random and are not determined by any past event.

Myth #4

Some slot machine players also believe the myth that says using the handle on the machine gives you a better chance of winning than using the button in the control panel of the machine. This is another myth that you should ignored given the fact the machine runs on random number generator which does give any preference to what the player chooses to use for spinning the reels.

Myth #5

Another common myth among slot machine players is that casinos are capable of changing the odds of machines when you are playing. This should also be ignored given that all slot machines are fitted with computer chips that cannot be manipulated by a person to bring up a specific number.

Myth #6

Regular slot machines have a higher house edge than full coin machines is also another of the myths that are common among slot machine enthusiasts. Here you need to keep in mind that any coin you add will be a multiplication of the payback for a single coin so if you are using three coins you are likely to win three times.

Myth #7

The other myth also common with many slot machine players is that the slots that are always at the front of the casino play better. This is completely false given that no casino is allowed to alter their machines in any way.

Myth #8

Another popular myth is that players regret when they leave a machine and the next player wins big thinking they too would have won. Here you need to keep in mind that the RNG changes really fast than us and at the same time there thousands of combinations every second.