Bankroll Management for Slot Games

Proper bankroll management is required in every game and it does not matter if the game needs skills or speed. A bankroll in gaming is the money that is specifically put aside to gamble. This money is not necessarily hard cash but it has to be some money put aside somewhere for example in a bank, money market fund or prepaid visa where it is easily accessible. It is a must that this money is kept apart from the players usual living expenses.

For the games that require skills to win, players will avoid getting broke through proper bankroll management. This will also mean that the player will have extended game time, better comps as well as a good chance of making a huge score. Proper bankroll management also helps in preventing the game from eating up the money that is supposed to pay bills. Many players who have not used proper bankroll management have found themselves broke and thereby start looking for loans. Just as a games strategy is important, proper bankroll management is also very important. Bankroll management requires a player to decide the amount of money they are prepared to risk in each game. This will mean that the player has to adhere to some key measures.

  • Avoiding scared money is the first thing a player needs to do when they want proper bankroll management. Scared money is the cash you use on things like food, rent and other important things. Avoiding this money will ensure you don’t ruin your life and you will always be playing with a clear mind of not having to worry how the bills will get paid as this affects your game play.
  • Allowing your bankroll to always determine your limits in each game is also a good bankroll management strategy. This mainly helps when you have had a big downward swing as it prevents you from going bankrupt. This means that the bankroll amount should always be an amount that will still leave you comfortable even if you lose it.
  • Limit versus no-limit cash games should also be considered when doing proper bankroll management. It is important to know that no limit cash games can get bad very fast so it is important to have smaller bankrolls.
  • It is also important to consider the multi table tournaments and sit and go’s. The main thing here is that you should have at least 25 buyins as your bankroll before playing any of these tournaments but if you are a regular multi table tournament player, 60 to 100 buyins are reasonable.
  • The styles of play should also be considered if you want proper bankroll management. Here you will need to be very careful as you may be tempted to up it up when you are winning which may put you at a higher risk.
  • Changing levels should also be considered given that your bankroll may get to a point where it can support higher limits.