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Free Casino Slots Bonuses

The gambling market is gaining in popularity every passing day and this has resulted in many gambling companies coming into the market and this has resulted in these companies reviewing their slot machine bonuses. This has also enabled companies to keep their clients and at the same time attracting new ones thereby maintaining their reputation.

The several companies that provide online casinos have come up with various bonuses which include multipliers, bonus multipliers, free casino slots, loyalty programs, free spins, welcome free trials, progressive jackpots and weekly & monthly slot machine bonus among others. There is no exact information on when the first bonus of slot machine started but most people put it in the 1980’s. Regardless of this, these bonuses have become the most popular style of playing real money and free casino slot games both online and offline. All the new slot machine games that have been developed recently must include this feature.

Bonus Features of Free Casino Slot Games

The online casinos however took a long time to be able to catch up with the offline slot machine games in terms of bonus pay outs as online bonus slot machines started picking up only in 2003 and this is after all the major software providers started providing a good variety of bonus feature games. Free casino slots bonus is some type of monetary reward or in other terms a non-cashable advantage that players obtain if they comply with several requirements that the authorities relating to these games provide. Every reasonable slot machine player will be better off taking advantage of these special offers as they greatly improve their chances of cleaning up and leaving these games as big winners.

Slot machine bonuses are most popular in slot tournaments and these also make the gambling more exciting and colorful. When trying to choose the best slot machine company to play for, the bonus pay outs are one of the most important things to consider since one big win can make up for so many small losses. Bonuses can be categorized in four different ways. Free casino slots bonuses can be provided in different types of slot machines and this will include free spins, progressive, multiline, classic as well as special bonus slot machines. Slot machine bonuses can also be categorized as follows:

  • Free Spins. Where players win free casino slots rounds that often have increased win multipliers.
  • Accumulator Bonus. This is where players collect items in order to win prizes or for activating other types of bonuses.
  • Wheel of Fortune. This is where players use a spinning prize wheel and this was made famous by IGT.
  • Pick a Box Bonus. This is where players get to pick different items that revel different prizes.
  • Multi-Spin Bonus. This is where players will have multiple sets of reels just like multi hand video poker.

It is important to keep in mind that different free casino slot games may have different features so it is not uncommon for some machines to have more than one type of bonus or several numbers of the same bonus.