Slots Etiquette Rules

It is strange to hear of slots etiquette but these are things that exist and which determine the experience many slot machine players will have at the end of their games. Slots etiquette are the proper manners as well as the right conditions that every slot machine player needs to have. Even though slot machine games are played individually, they sometimes require players to interact and that is why slots etiquette is important. These etiquettes cover all the areas of the game and so it is necessary to familiarize yourself with some of the tips for proper etiquette.

  • The first tip that you should consider in slots etiquette is the placing of the coin cups. Most players today use these coin cups by placing them either on chairs or on the machine handles. As a player when you see these coin cups you should automatically know that the machine or seat is being used by another player so you should go for another one. There are many reasons which may make someone leave their seat or machine so instead of brushing other players the wrong it is best if you look for another seat or machine. There are some casinos however that are coinless and here players may be required to leave a personal belonging on their seat or on the machine which should also be respected. If you are the one who is holding the machine or seat it is also prudent to respect the other players who may be waiting to use them by getting back as soon as possible. It is also important to keep in mind that in some casinos you may have to alert the attendant so that they can watch over your machine or seat.

  • Another important tip in slot machine etiquette is when you want to play with more than one machine at the same time. It is good to refrain from using multiple machines especially during the rush hours when the casinos are usually crowded as this shows some respect to the other players who may have to wait a long time to have their chance of playing. Here you need to think about how you would feel if you are the one who was required to wait in order to enjoy your game all because of someone who is using several machines at the same time.

  • Players leaving their cards in the slot machines are also another part of the slot machine etiquette tips. Here it is good to remove the card and place it on top of the respective machine given that the player may come back for it and they will easily find it without having to disturb you while playing your game.

  • Smoking is also part of the slots etiquette and here you need to know the smoking area of your casino. It is not good to smoke in front of players who are not smokers themselves so refrain from it.

  • Tipping is also good slots etiquette especially when you have a jackpot that will require you to pay the attendant. Here you only have to tip when you satisfied with the service you are getting.