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Variations of Free Slot Machines

Due to the history of slot machine games, the game has encountered different transformations to get to where it is today. However, there are still some ancient aspects in some of these games and this is the main variant of free slot machines. The popularity of free slot machine games has also greatly contributed to the number of slot variations. In many big casinos you will be able to find more than 10 different types of slot machines.

Multi-line Slots

These machines have different number of reels with most them also having numerous pay lines. Most of the multiple pay line machines provide players with a chance of picking how many lines they want to play. One of the main rules here is that minimum bets only have access to a single pay line which runs across the reels and this is usually in a straight line. When players bet more it means that they will have more access to different play lines and this will include lines that run horizontally on top and below the minimum bet pay line. These free online slot machines also have diagonal lines that cris-cross across the reels.

Bet Max Slots

There are also some types of machines that have multiple betting options. These types of machines only reward jackpot prices and this is only to those players who make the maximum bets. And this is the major reason why making the maximum bet is a good tip of ensuring you win big in these games.

Payouts of Slot Machines

You can also differentiate free slot machines using the payout scheme criteria as there are many different payout schemes. The predetermined payout amounts are common with straight slot machines as well as the generic flat slot machines. These payout amounts always remain the same.

Progressive Slots

On the other hand progressive free slot machine games have a different payout scheme compared to the straight slot machines and this is because instead of having a predetermined pay out amount they have an increasing figure that changes with each bet. This payout amount is always reset to the starting value when someone wins the jackpot.

Video vs Regular Slot Machines

Free slot machines can also be differentiated according to their appearances. Here the popular example will be the video slot which doesn’t have a very different play mechanics to that of regular slot machines. However instead of the usual rotating wheels that are in regular slot machines, video slots have a video image.

Bonus Slots

The amount and type of bonus that these free slot machine games provide is also another way of differentiating slot machines. Today there are very many types of bonuses and this will include sign up bonuses and winning bonuses that are meant to attract more players to them and at the same time maintain the existing players.

It is important to keep in mind that no matter the difference in these free online slot machines your main aim should always be winning good money while at the same time enjoying yourself.