Slots Glossary

Playing slot machine games can be very complex for new comers and this is because many of these players do not know the meaning of various terms used in these machines. In order to be able to familiarize yourself with these terms it will require you to play regularly but most importantly you will need to go through the slots glossary.

  • Pay Line is the term used to mean the line which is at the center of the slot machine and this is where the designated symbols should align so that you can receive your payout. Keep in mind that machines have more than one pay line.
  • Pay Table is the term used to describe the slot machine’s section that has a list of the important information regarding pay offs and this should include the one for all the combinations. This list also includes bonus features as well as if the maximum bet pays any bonus. These payouts are always in number of coins.
  • Winning combinations are the amounts of winning outcomes that are possible.
  • Maximum Bet is the maximum number of coins or credits that you can play per spin.
  • Reels are the rotating parts of the slot machines which are usually three or more in number and have symbols.
  • Symbols are pictures that are found on these reels and can be anything including stars, bars or fruits.
  • Coin size is the unit of measuring the denomination or the value of every coin that the slot machine accepts.
  • Payout percentage is the amount of each wager that is put into the machine which is then given to the player as a payout. For instance, if a machine has 96% payout percentage then this means that 96 cents of each dollar are given back to the players as payouts while the 4 cents is the left for the casino.
  • Hopper is a term used to refer to the coins that the machine holds. When the hopper gets full the surplus goes to the casino as profit.
  • Progressive jackpot refers to an increasing jackpot every time a coin is played.
  • Random number generator is a micro computer that randomly spits out numbers even when the machine is not being used.
  • Credit button is the one that allows you the player to bank coins in form of credits.
  • Loose slot machine is a machine that pays off and gives the house only a small advantage over the player.
  • Bank is a row of slot machines which in most cases offer the same type of games.
  • Bonus slot multipliers are slots that provide players with higher jackpots.
  • Drop box is a special container that is used for collecting extra slots coins from the coin hopper.
  • Edge is the difference between the bet’s true odds and the payout for the winning bet.