Learn Slot Machine Rules

A slot machine is a gambling machine used in many casinos that has 3 or more reels that spin after a player presses a specific button or pushes a handle. This game has different names depending on where it is being played and this will include the slots in Canada, fruit machine in the UK as well as pokies machine which is slang in New Zealand and Australia.

Before learning how to play slots, the brief history outline and classification. These machines are also referred to as one-armed bandits because of the fact that they used a lever which looked like one arm for operations traditionally and also due to the fact that they had the ability to leave players penniless. Today however, these machines have a front panel that has a button for players to play with. Current slot machines have currency detectors which validate the money a player inserts. The pay off of this machine is based on the symbol patterns that players can view through the display once the reels stop spinning. Knowing the slot machine rules will help you as a player to make the right choices. First you should chose a machine that suits your need as well as tastes and this should mainly depend on how much you are willing to spend for every game and how long you are willing to play. The most popular slot machines are dollar reel spinning games and nickel video games. Reel spinners usually take up to 3 coins but the video slots can take even up to 500 credits each time.

How to Play Slots

You will then need to decide on the bet that you are going to place. Here it is advised you play the maximum number of bets if possible and this is because most games have this as their requirement for the big jackpot. You need to keep in mind that all modern slot machines today have the currency acceptors so you can slide any bill to the appropriate machine. If you are using the reel spinning slots you will have to push the “play one credit” button just until you bet the amount you want to play with and then hit the button written “spin” or pull the side handle if applicable. Alternatively you can hit the button written “play max” credits. If you are using video slots however according to the slot machine rules you will be required to push one button for each number of pay lines you are willing to activate as well as another button for the wager per line number of credits. Video slots can accept up to 25 coins per line. Some of the common symbols that you as the player will be able to see when the reels stop spinning include cherries, sevens, bars, double bars and triple bars. These are the basic steps in knowing how to play slots and now it’s right time to move to advanced game strategies.