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Play Free Slots - Progressive Slot Machines

Today there are two types of computerized slot machines and these are standard slots and progressive slots. The main difference in these free video slots is mainly in their payout system where standard slots have a predetermined jackpot while progressive slots offer growing jackpots as more money is played. This can be part of network of machines that offer same jackpots and are all contributing a portion to the total amount.

Progressive slot jackpots continue to grow larger until a player hits the jackpot and this can either be through winning in a single spin and getting set or through topping out at a predefined level that the casino sets. The amount of play the machine or network of machine gets determines how much the jackpot grows. The jackpot is always reset to a base figure after a major win. Progressive slots are ideal for people who are looking to get rich. It is also important to keep in mind that in order to maximize your playing time and you are playing with a limited budget you have to be content with earning some little cash and therefore you should play free slots that provide smaller jackpots.

Even though progressive slot machines may offer smaller jackpots they also have more frequent wins. In order for you to maximize your winnings potential you will have to browse through various free bonus slots in order to identify similar machines. Choosing the machine that has the high jackpot after accumulating is the best way of winning big and this is because there are high chances these free video slots were reset to a similar base level while the one with the higher jackpot has definitely been running longer. It is also important to keep in mind that all progressive slot machines require players to bet the maximum amount of coins to be eligible for the grand jackpot.

Stand-Alone Progressive Slots

These are progressive slot machines that are not linked to any network. These machines take the coin percentage played then add them to the amount which is the highest winning combination. The front meter always displays the jackpot amount to the player. When you play free slots the payout of these machines is usually similar to that of other slots with similar denominations but distributed in various ways where players will receive different amounts of the total prize.

Proprietary Progressive Slots

These are the type of progressive slot machines that are linked together and are usually found in one gambling hall or different gambling halls run by the same company. The initial jackpots in these free video slots are not high but they get larger after every game.

Wide Progressive Slots

These are progressive slot machines that provide players with real exchange jackpots. These jackpots can be connected from different areas and this includes unrelated gambling companies. Such free video slots are mostly operated by an independent operator.