Gambling Laws Worldwide

Online gambling is strictly regulated in many countries and this is the very first thing that you need to become aware of right before you look for a reputable online casino website, such as Unibet. Despite of the many regulations in online gambling industry, gambling experienced steady growth over the years since it was introduced. Many traditional casino players are registering through different casinos online in order to enjoy their favorite casino within the comfort of their home. There are many countries worldwide that legalize online gambling in their country, but there are restrictions that players must keep in mind. The good thing about online gambling is that players residing in a country where online gambling is banned can still play. This is if you will dial the server that is located outside your country.

  • USA

In the United States, laws that govern online gambling in this country are still unclear unlike other countries. It is estimated that 70% of online gambling population comes from the United States and these players are just experiencing little consequences because of this issue. There are states that totally banned gambling whether it is online of brick and mortar gambling. If you are living in the United States, then it is important that you become familiar with the online gambling laws that govern your state.

  • Latin America and Asia

By doing a simple search, you will be able to discover counties that allow online gambling. Some countries in Asia, Argentina and Mexico started legalizing online gambling. These countries realize the lucrative benefit of gambling like Malaysia. In this country, online gambling is permitted for as long as you will gamble using an online casino with government license. It is considered as illegal if you will gamble inside your home or in public places. If you want to gamble, then you should be at least 18 years of age and a non-Muslim.

In Singapore, gambling banned was lifted during 2005, but this country was an anti-gambling nation in the past. Because of this, many Singaporeans who want to gamble go to Malaysia. The country finally lifted their banned to retain the money of their people in Singapore. The very first casino hall in Singapore was opened in public during 2010. Another Asian country showing promising growth in online gambling is Philippines. The country has generated total of US$69.58 million in 2011.

Merits of Gambling at Different Countries

This is due to gambling laws that favors both online and traditional casinos. Gambling in this country is attracting foreign investors as well as tourists to come and visit the country. It is true that online gambling is strictly regulated, but it is very hard to monitor. Even if online gambling is ban in a particular country, it is very hard to pinpoint who is signing in different online casinos inside their homes. There are many governments owned and licensed casinos online and offline in divers parts of the world. Casino players must opt for these casinos in order to protect themselves against scam websites. These scam online casino sites will just take away your money.