Quiz Machines and Slots: The Difference

What are Quiz Machines?

Quiz machines are electronic machines that test a player’s random trivia knowledge by asking questions. It is necessary for the player to select the correct answer to the question before proceeding to the next question. A player has to insert money into the machine to play on it.

Quiz machines were originated in the UK in 1985. Since their introduction, their popularity has grown steadily and has spawned a new generation of professional players that can now in certain individual cases, earn a living by playing them.

The industry has created a name for quiz machine which is “Skill With Prizes” (SWP). Many of the machines are based on similar themes to popular television quiz shows. The original jackpots were limited to £10.00 for a 20p stake.

The jackpot prize payouts are limited by the software that drives the SWP. A player must have an encyclopedic knowledge to win against the machine. The questions at the highest levels of the game have become so complex that it is becoming more difficult for an amateur player to win jackpots.


Slots are the greatest money earner in all casinos. They were invented in the 1890’s and have become a world favorite with many gamblers. The original machines had three reels and a player won by matching three symbols on the win line. To win a game a player had to know the basic slot machine tips. The jackpot on these early machines could only be won by matching three jackpot symbols on the winning line.

With the advent of the computerized world, slots have undergone a total transformation. They are now powered by Random Number Generators (RNG). Hosts of new innovations have been incorporated in the new generation slots. The industry continues to evolve and new technological ideas are incorporated regularly. They are now available in almost every real and online casino. One of the most popular one is Slots.com that has lots of relevant info and types of slot games to play.

Progressive jackpot slots have attracted a massive following from players. They are called progressive jackpots because a number of slots will be electronically linked together. Each time a slot in the group is played, a small percentage of the bet will be added to the total jackpot fund. The progressive jackpot will be displayed on each machine in the group. The jackpots on these slot machines can in some cases be virtually unlimited. Any player who participates in this type of jackpot prize has an equal chance of winning it because all the machines are linked. Each of them has to be aware of slots etiquette, because otherwise a game can go in an inappropriate way.

In some casinos the progressive jackpot will be displayed very prominently and show an up to the second amount. The amount of money in the jackpot increases as each player gambles.