Terms Used on the Casino Floor

If you ever fall onto a conversation about slot machines at a dinner party or at your local bar, it would be helpful to know some of terminology that goes with playing the game. Here are some helpful terms that will help you master the game and look like a high roller the next time slot machines enters a conversation.

  • Pay Line - This is the line that crosses over each symbol on the slot machine. This is how a winning combination is determined. Classic slot machines have up to nine pay lines, while online and video machines may have one hundred or more. Pay lines can have various shapes such as zig-zag and triangular.
  • Rollup - These are the sound and music that play while the meters count the amount of money to be one. This dramatizes each spin of the wheel.
  • Short Pay - This is when a slot machine pays an amount of money which is less than the player has won. This means that the coin hopper has ran out of coins from earlier payouts. The player must be paid by hand or wait until an attendant fills the machine with coins.
  • Taste - These are small payouts that are meant to keep the player from leaving the seat. Most machines will give some kind of pay out over several tries.
  • Tilt - Mechanical slot machines use a tilt switch that will break a circuit in the machine if it is tampered with and also triggers an alarm. Modern machines do not have tilt switches, although any kind of tampering or malfunction is still called a "tilt."
  • Theoretical Hold Worksheet - A worksheet that is provided by the machine manufacturer. This worksheet indicates the percentage of what the slot machine should hold in coins. This sheet will also give reel strip settings, the number of reels and other particulars about a machine.
  • Weight Count - This is an American term referring to the total amount of money value removed from a machine's drop bucket and counted through the use of a weigh scale.

Tiki Island Online Slots

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Bonus Rounds

The Coconut Shy and Puffer Fish rounds can be played by matching 3 coconut or puffer fish symbols in a pay line. You can win instant multipliers and cash prizes when you pop the puffer fish, knocking counts at the coconut shy.

You can play whatever coin size matches your budget- all the way from 1p to £10 per pay line. Just remember that the bigger coin size, the bigger the payout.

There are also Tiki Island Wild Symbols that give you even more ways to win. This symbols pop up randy and can be used to match up winning pay lines. The Scatter Symbols are helpful too as they can instantly multiply a winning spin from 5 times to 100 times more!